Governing Committee Members Reflect ‘The Value of eXtension’

Members of the eXtension Governing Committee presented “The Value of eXtension” to the Extension Committee on Organization & Policy (ECOP) in October. Examples showed how eXtension, through Communities of Practice (CoPs), are:

1) reaching Communities of Interest through collaborative work and social media;
2) changing the way Cooperative Extension works;
3) responding to timely programmatic issues;
4)providing content and programs for use by institutions with limited or no resources in certain subject matter areas;
5) enhancing local resources through Ask an Expert and content feeds placed on local office web sites; and
6) leveraging the investments of member institutions by generating new revenues and partnerships benefiting the Cooperative Extension System.

Keith Smith, Ohio State University Extension, and Karen Hinton, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, described how their institutions are institutionalizing eXtension. The presentation is now being formatted into several webinars and scheduling information will follow.