Moodle Update: Course Migration

In recent weeks, the eXtension’s Moodle Help Desk staff have been contacting people offering courses at to coordinate the migration of their courses to eXtension’s primary public Moodle site, The “pdc” site was originally created as a place to offer professional development courses to Extension staff with eXtension IDs. However, over time, Moodle course developers increasingly have wanted to make these courses available to others without eXtension IDs, resulting in some professional development courses at the pdc site, and other similar courses at the campus site. Therefore, in the interest of reducing confusion, the decision was made to consolidate all the courses on a single site: That migration should be complete within the next few months.

Other recent changes affecting eXtension’s Moodle sites are the addition of a Kaltura extension for distribution of video, an “activity locking” capability which can be used to direct a learner’s path through a course, a simple feedback module to facilitate learner responses to a course, and the availability of multiple eXtension-approved and branded themes from which teachers can select. Together with the other native capabilities of Moodle, particularly its interactive tools, eXtension is providing a very powerful learning platform for the entire Cooperative Extension System.

Finally, it should be noted that over 6,600 people representing more than 80 countries have created accounts at These people are feasting on a menu of over 130 courses developed by Extension faculty from at least 33 states. For questions about how to use Moodle or how to create courses for your own audiences, contact the eXtension Moodle Help Desk (