2011 – 2013 eXtension Strategic Roadmap Planning Underway

eXtension is preparing the 2011–2013 eXtension Strategic Roadmap. It will represent the overall master plan for managing eXtension for success into the future. A representative group of 25 eXtension stakeholders will meet in Dallas, TX, from January 10-12, 2011 to work on the Roadmap. The group includes Extension Directors, Regional Directors, Community of Practice leaders, a CARET representative, outside consultants and eXtension leaders.

Input to the process includes information collected from 14 one-hour interviews conducted by a consultant hired to facilitate the planning process, the Stakeholder Evaluation conducted this past fall, and evaluation findings provided by the 2010 eXtension Progress Review Panel. The Roadmap will be completed in February for review by directors/administrators prior to the March 2011 National Extension Directors & Administrators meeting.