eXtension to Study Social Media Tool Use in CES

Coming this month from eXtension is a new study designed to examine the emergent use of social media tools in Cooperative Extension. We will be asking all 15,000 Cooperative Extension System employees to share their successes and failures in working with these new tools. Please be thinking about your uses of social networking tools, and be prepared to tell your stories when you receive the questionnaire.

This will be a longitudinal study so data will be gathered continuously over time. The goals of the study are to:

* Discover emergent practices — who is doing what with clientele/colleagues using social media?
* Determine the perceived personal and organizational barriers to the use of these tools.
* Determine the perceived personal and organizational advantages to working using these tools.
* Identify common characteristics of early adopters.
* Discover how organizational policies concerning social networking promote or hinder the use of these tools in people’s work.

If you have any questions about the study please contact Kevin Gamble (kevin.gamble@extension.org).

We look forward to your participation!