eXtension Military Families Continues Environmental Scan

The second wave of an environmental scan of Extension programs being conducted for military families has provided the Military Families Partnership with more valuable information. Specifically asking 4-H State Liaisons we now have this additional information about Extension military families programs. An additional 73 programs have been identified bringing our total to 275:

• 15 Community Capacity Building, totaling 51
• 4 Workforce Development, totaling 8
• 53 Family & Youth Development, totaling 189
• 1 Food & Nutrition, totaling 11 total.

Because we targeted 4-H, there are no additional programs to report for Child Care (6 total reported) and Child Personal Finance (10 total reported).

We currently have information about Extension military families programs in 47 states and 53 total land grants. United Tribes Technical College in Alaska was the first 1994 Land Grant reporting an Extension military families program. A total of 235 individual, professional, and organization partners were named in this second wave for a grand total of 1,085 for the two rounds of data collection.

The number of programs being reported shows an impressive network at the local level. eXtension Military Families will continue scanning for Extension military families programs. If you believe your program has not been reported, you can enter information about the program here: http://bit.ly/MFEScan