eXtension Opens New Virtual Meeting Space for 4-H Leaders

A new meeting space, 4-H Leaders Campfire Retreat, is opening this month adjacent to the virtual state fairgrounds in Second Life. This area of the Morrill sim is available for use only by 4-H volunteer leaders and 4-H staff.The eXtension Initiative is providing this group and informal meeting space to 4-H clubs and programs across the globe for networking, learning to use Second Life, program resource sharing and community building.

Access to the space is limited to members of the Second Life group “4-H Club Leaders and Staff.” To request group membership, send an instant message from your avatar to the eXtension SL coordinator, Thynka Little. Your affiliation with the 4-H program must be confirmed through your local 4-H office. Then you will receive your group invitation, and you will be all set to enjoy this new networking and learning space.To register for Second Life, go to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Morrill/151/14/24 and click the “sign up” button. You will arrive at the Virtual State Fair entrance. Take advantage of the new user information located there. The entrance to the 4-H Leaders Campfire Retreat is at Morrill/174/195/24.