Learn from February’s Free Educational Webinars

February’s free webinars include:

Feb. 10, managing ewes and does (repeats February 17 & 24), http://www.extension.org/events/2071,

Feb. 10 practical food safety for produce farms, http://www.extension.org/events/2179

Feb. 10 using social media in small businesses, http://www.extension.org/events/2062

Feb. 17, managing ewes and does, http://www.extension.org/events/2072,

Feb. 18 resolving conflict in dairy teams, http://www.extension.org/events/1818

Feb. 18 the changing management of nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, http://www.extension.org/events/2200

Feb. 22 protecting your barn and horses from disease, http://www.extension.org/events/2087

Feb. 23 a program to help preschoolers develop healthy eating habits, http://www.extension.org/events/1988

Feb. 24, managing ewes and does, http://www.extension.org/events/2073

Feb. 24 using market data for fruit and vegetable commerce, http://www.extension.org/events/2111.

A news release has all the details on time and how to get details to join the webinars. See http://www.extension.org/pages/Learn_from_February_Free_Educational_Webinars_from_eXtension_and_Land-grant_Universities