eXtension News Room Boasts 259 Releases for February

February found 259 releases posted from 40 land-grant universities:

23–University of Missouri
19–North Carolina State University
13–University of Illinois
12–Iowa State University
11 each–Kansas State University; University of Arkansas
9 each–Ohio State University; Oklahoma State University
8 each–North Dakota State University; University of California
7 each–Cornell University; Louisiana State University; University of Massachusetts
5 each–Mississippi State University; University of Arizona; University of Georgia
4 each–Michigan State University; Purdue University; South Dakota State University; University of Florida; University of Kentucky; University of Maine; University of Minnesota
3 each–Alabama Cooperative Extension; Colorado State University; Penn State University; University of Nebraska; University of Tennessee; University of Wisconsin; University of Wyoming
2 each–Clemson University; New Mexico State University; Oregon State University; Rutgers University; Washington State University
1 each–University of Connecticut; University of Delaware; University of Idaho; University of Nevada; Utah State University
33–Other sources
3–Original releases

News releases were distributed in 43 Communities of Practice launched on eXtension during February:

32–Families, food and fitness
31–Personal finance
16–Family caregiving
13 each–Entrepreneurs and their communities; Beef cattle
12–Farm energy
9–Gardens, lawns and landscapes
8–Plant breeding and genomics
6 each–Science, engineering, and technology for youth; Diversity, equity and inclusion; Corn and soybean production
5 each–Organic agriculture; Horses; Food safety
4 each–Wood energy; Home energy; Grapes; Floods; Bee health; Animal manure management
3 each–Wildlife damage management; Pest management in and around structures; Goats; Drinking water and human health; Dairy; Cotton
2 each–Small meat processors; Oil spill; Hogs, Pigs, and Pork; Cooperatives; Child care
1 each–Wildfire; Imported fire ants; Geospatial technology; Community planning and zoning; Agricultural disaster preparedness

News releases posted to Communities of Practice not yet launched on the public site:

6–Companion animals
3–Military families
2 each–Freshwater aquaculture; Climate forests woodlands
1–Marine fisheries