Learn from Free Educational Webinars in March

Free webinars for March include:

March 7 on environmental nitrogen issues on dairy farms, http://www.extension.org/events/2235
March 7 on groundhogs, http://www.extension.org/events/2240
March 8 on reducing heat stress in freestall and tie stall dairies, http://www.extension.org/events/1812
March 9 on how an organic farmer can minimize GMO contamination, http://www.extension.org/events/2298
March 9 on getting farmland for beginning farmers, http://www.extension.org/events/2180,
March 10 on creating and using maps and geo-location tools for businesses, http://www.extension.org/events/2063
March 11 on sealing homes to save energy, http://www.extension.org/events/2252
March 15 on easy and free ways to market and sell farm products in your local area, http://www.extension.org/events/2299
March 18 on tools and techniques for facilitating dairy advisory teams, http://www.extension.org/events/1819
March 22 on the evolution, status and future of organic no-till in the northeastern U.S., http://www.extension.org/events/2300
March 22 on gastric ulcers in horses, http://www.extension.org/events/2088
March 23 on getting farmland for beginning farmer (repeat of March 9 program) http://www.extension.org/events/2181
March 25 on how manure contributes to healthy soil, http://www.extension.org/events/2091

A news release has all the details on time and how to get details to join the webinars. See http://www.extension.org/pages/Webinars_through_eXtension_Offer_Tips_on_Maps_for_Businesses,_Home_Energy_Conservation,_Dairy_Cattle,_Horses,_Organic_Agriculture_and_More.