Social Media Actions Around Budget Resolution

The Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) asked Extension Directors and Administrators to mobilize employees and stakeholders to share Cooperative Extension success stories and impacts with members of Congress. ECOP also asked eXtension to help in this effort using social media strategies.

The social media plan recognizes the importance of local, face-to-face efforts by Extension and is not a replacement for those efforts, but complements them. eXtension has also created some opportunities for sharing success stories and impacts. The plan asked that Extension staff share their stories on Twitter and Facebook and to ask constituents to share their stories on Twitter, Facebook and with their Congressional representatives.

The Facebook “likes” for the Cooperative Extension System page went from 13 “likes” on February 18 to 3,393 likes on March 6. Extension staff, 4-Hers, 4-H volunteers, Master Gardeners, and community leaders are sharing stories. 4-H stories outnumber all other stories. If you have not “liked” the Facebook page, do that now. Also, enjoy reading stories from other Extension professionals and from our clientele. Of course, add your own. The new goal is to surpass 4,000 likes.

4-H’ers and others are beginning to tell their stories on the Cooperative Extension System Facebook page and in Twitter. Here are two examples:

From a woman in the dairy industry:
Appreciate @timryan taking time to meet w @BobbyMoser, me, @ghwolford and Nate Andre in D.C. Wed #CESvalue#coopext

This 4-H’er sent two tweets to her Senator:
@SenatorMenendez Smith-Lever funds for Cooperative Extension are in jeopardy. Millions of teens like me are going to be affected.
@SenatorMenendez 4-H is part of the Cooperative Extension! We have stories that need to be heard!

There have been over 1,200 tweets sent using the #CESValue and over 100,000 individuals reached. If you use Twitter, follow @CESValue and use #CESValue when telling a Cooperative Extension success story.

For more information, on the social media actions go to CES Budget Social Media Strategy:

Lastly, these pages will serve as great ways to share what local Extension stories, the value and importance of Extension to individuals and communities, and for fellow Extension colleagues to connect with one another. Please continue interacting in these social spaces.