Free April Educational Webinars for the Public

Free webinars for April include:

April 4 – Who to blame? The voles or the moles?

April 4 – An associate professor and a dairy producer will discuss the most recent scientific findings on dairy industry impacts on environmental quality.

April 5 — Third party audits for small and mid-sized meat processors.

April 8 – Home window frames, glazing, low-e, gases, ratings and new developments in windows and window technology.

April 14 – First in a three-part series on economic development opens with exploring economic clusters and what they tell us about development.

April 14 — How to integrate small grains– wheat, barley, oats, triticale, spelt, and rye–into an organic dairy farm.

April 15 — Planning livestock and poultry facilities for reduced odor risk using tools such as OFFSET and NOFT

April 19 – Understanding and evaluating the gaited horse.

April 21 – Help on controlling the fire ants by understanding how they live.

April 29 — Woody biomass in Minnesota: opportunities for income and environmental benefits.

A news release has all the details on time and how to get details to join the webinars. See