Illinois Tops Number of Releases for March eXtension News

March news releases originated in 41 states:

26–University of Illinois
17–North Dakota State University
15–North Carolina State University
13 each–University of Arkansas, University of Missouri
10 each–Michigan State University, Ohio State University, University of Georgia
9 each–Kansas State University, Mississippi State University
8–Oklahoma State University
7 each–Iowa State University, University of California
6 each–Louisiana State University, Purdue University
5 each–Alabama Cooperative Extension, New Mexico State University, South Dakota State University, University of Kentucky
4 each–Cornell University, Oregon State University, Penn State University, University of Hawaii, University of Minnesota
3 each–Colorado State University, University of Delaware
2 each–Clemson University, University of Arizona, University of Florida, University of Massachusetts, University of Nebraska, University of Vermont, University of Wyoming
1 each–Texas AgriLife Extension, University of Connecticut, University of Idaho, University of Maine, University of Wisconsin, Utah State University, Washington State University, West Virginia State University
37–Other sources
3–Original releases

News releases were posted to 41 Communities of Practice during March 2011:

25–Families, food and fitness
21–Personal finance
17–Gardens, lawns and landscapes
12 each–Corn and soybean production, Farm energy
9 each–Entrepreneurs and their communities, Family caregiving, Food safety
8 each–Beef cattle; Diversity, equity and inclusion; Plant breeding and genomics; Science, engineering, and technology for youth
7–Companion animals
6 each–Dairy, Home energy, Wildfire
5 each–Animal manure management, Blueberries, Floods, Goats, Pest management in and around structures
4 each–Cooperatives; Grapes; Hogs, Pigs, and Pork; Organic agriculture; Wildlife damage management
3 each–Bee health; Climate, forests and woodlands; Cotton; Extension master gardener; Geospatial technology
2 each–Child care, Wood energy
1 each–Agricultural disaster preparedness, Imported fire ants
CoPs not launched:
5–Marine fisheries
4–Freshwater aquaculture
2–Invasive species
1–Pesticide environmental stewardship