State and Institutional Reports Now Available

Minnesota, followed by Texas, is the state with the largest authorship of Frequently Asked Questions within eXtension FAQ application. Colorado, Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey, Maryland, and Montana are also part of this group of institutions that have authored more than 1,000 FAQs.

This information and more is found in Version 3.0 of eXtension’s State and Institutional Reports for the calendar year 2010, available now at:

These reports provide a wealth of information about each states/territories activity with the eXtension public website and involvement with eXtension . Here are some overall observations:

•By far the majority of states/territories realized double digit percentage increases in total site visits and total pageviews from 2009 to 2010. Site visits represent the number of individual sessions initiated by all the visitors to eXtension from a state and is a general measure of how much eXtension is being used in a state. Pageviews are the total number of pages viewed on the site and is a general measure of how much eXtension is being used by people in a state. It is useful as a basic indicator of the traffic load on the site for a state. The states and territories experiencing the highest percentage increases in site visits and pageviews from 2009 to 2010 (shown as site visits percent increase/pageview percent increase) include: Colorado (51.31/61.58), Hawaii (45.16/32.53), U.S. Virgin Islands (44.87/52.99), and the District of Columbia (34.44/33.28).

•To date, over 44,000 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been developed. Individuals from almost all states/territories have authored many FAQs. Our top producers authoring more than 1,000 FAQs through 2010 include: Minnesota (12,462), Texas (7,148), Colorado (4,067), Kentucky (2,535), Iowa (2,499), Missouri (1,670), New Jersey (1,107), Maryland (1,074), and Montana (1,018).

•Currently we have 14,912 individuals who have eXtension IDs. All states/territories are represented in this total. As of 2010, states with the highest number of eXtension IDs include: North Carolina (987), Texas (905), Kentucky (874), Michigan (542), Georgia (539), and Missouri (450).

•Community of Practice (CoP) members are the content generators for eXtension. All states/territories have individuals serving on CoPs. As of 2010, our top contributors to CoPs include: Alabama (276), Texas (197), North Carolina (196), Michigan (146), Kentucky (137), Missouri (136), Nebraska (132), and Tennessee (132).

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