Drupal is a-comin’!

Progress continues to be made toward migrating all content from the CoP Wiki and the FAQs to eXtension’s new Drupal platform at create.extension.org (“Create”). On May 5, the content of the Sustainable Ag Energy and the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center CoPs was officially and successfully moved to Create. Those two CoPs are now resuming their content creation and editing at this site. Their valuable feedback is also being used for final tweaking of this new platform as well as for determining the nature of help and training documents that should be available for such future transitions.

Speaking of future transitions, we are pleased to announce that plans are now in place to move all remaining CoP content, as well as all FAQs, to “Create” in the June 16-18 time frame. To help CoPs prepare for this transition, the Drupal Implementation Team is planning to host a set of four Connect sessions both to provide an overview of this new system and to describe steps which CoPs need to take on the CoP wiki prior to this move. Those steps, along with details of the Connect sessions, will be distributed about May 23. The Connect sessions are a single session repeated on four different dates (June 1, 3, 7, and 9) to accommodate various schedules. So mark one of those dates on your calendar and plan to participate.

Finally, those of you attending the National eXtension CoP Workshop in Louisville will have a hands-on training opportunity on Thursday June 30 to gain greater knowledge and confidence in using the new system. The Drupal Implementation Team will also provide some one-on-one assistance at other times during that conference, and will subsequently offer training sessions throughout the summer to reach those not participating in any of these other events.

Just think–come June 16, you no longer have to use a wiki to do your eXtension work! For some, this will be a sad day. Most, however, will likely be very pleased.

For more information on Drupal contact Larry Lippke at larry.lippke@extension.org.