eXtension Resources Aid Homeowner

Betty Ann Broman, County Extension Coordinator – Limestone Co., received a phone call from an Alabama homeowner with a question about water quality. Broman forwarded the question, the client’s name and phone number to Donna Shanklin, Regional Extension Agent – Health. Shanklin contacted the homeowner and found the client had a water quality question that she was not familiar with – she told the client she would call him back as soon as she found the answer.

Shanklin recalled that the Drinking Water and Human Health Community of Practice had just put information on the eXtension site. She found the answer for the client “What to do if there are high iron levels in your well water”, with very little searching. When she called the client back and learned he had Internet access, she told him he needed to visit the eXtension web site because she was sure it had the answers to other questions he may have. Shanklin e-mailed him the link to the iron question (http://www.extension.org/pages/31555/drinking-water-
), plus a link to “Questions to Ask Before you Buy A Water Treatment System” http://www.extension.org/pages/32318/questions-to-ask-before-you-buy-a-water-treatment-system.

The client responded with the following:

“I got your emails; thanks. I have reviewed the site and feel a little more comfortable in talking with filter people. Thanks again.”

Shanklin noted, “This is just one example of how eXtension information is assisting both Extension personnel and their clients.”