New in eXtension Second Life

Avian Influenza Prevention in Backyard Flocks

eXtension’s EDEN Community of Practice has developed a new learning environment in the Second Life virtual world. Using a guided tour with audio, video and animated activities, this interactive lesson teaches basic biosecurity steps to prevent spread of disease in poultry raised in a home setting.

Ride a Drifting Droplet

The Integrated Pest Management area has reopened in a new location, featuring an interactive simulation of pesticide spray drift, protective clothing for your avatar, and a lesson on rodent control.

Meet in Second Life

Second Life is a great way to save on your travel and meeting expense. Connecting as avatars in an immersive setting provides a shared experience and sense of presence in place together. eXtension has several virtual meeting spaces ready for you with free voice chat and the capability to show slides and video. Training and technical support are available. Contact to arrange your meeting.