The 2011 – 2014 eXtension Strategic Roadmap

The eXtension Governing Committee has approved the 2011 – 2014 eXtension Strategic Roadmap. The Roadmap focuses on the following priorities moving forward:

Blockbuster Communities – This will involve enhancing the customer experience to generate transformative learning and greater customer reach. By participating in Learning Networks and curation, we will ensure customer involvement and collaboration to create true customer “delight.” This will be achieved through genuinely understanding and respecting customer expectations for Web-based communities and delivering against these expectations.

Partnerships and funding – This will include securing successful sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations that meet identified needs and provide the additional investment funding.

Local value enhancement – This involves creating useful and valuable content for Cooperative Extension specialists and county agents/educators, while ensuring they are aware of how to contribute, and how to access educational resources and information to help them to serve their constituents more efficiently and effectively.

Performance measurement – This includes creating a dashboard of performance metrics that the entire Cooperative Extension System will find appropriate and acceptable.

Productivity improvement – This involves placing available time and money against the highest payoff priorities while making the process of creating new subject matter networks more efficient and effective.

Professional development – This involves providing professional development leadership for Cooperative Extension and offering professional development in areas that guarantee a 21st Century workforce i.e., new technologies, content and program development, and collaboration and sharing.

Work to address these priorities is organized into six Action plans:

1) User Focus,
2) Partnerships & Funding,
3) Content Development,
4) Shared Vision,
5) Transparency & Accountability and
6) Professional Development.

As you would expect, work described in the Plans is already underway as we seek to add value to Cooperative Extension’s 21st Century Network. To review the 2011 – 2014 eXtension Strategic Roadmap and the Action Plans detailing work to be carried out please visit