eXtension Successfully Launches Drupal

The transition to Drupal for eXtension’s content management system is nearly complete. June 16-17 saw the migration of almost all content created by Communities of Practice from the CoP Wiki (cop.extension.org) and from the FAQ system (faq.extension.org) to the new Drupal platform (create.extension.org). A final “cleanup” migration will be conducted July 7 for any residual content, after which cop.extension.org and faq.extension.org will be taken totally offline. The new system provides a more familiar environment for people to learn and use, with provisions for group dashboards, more complete content editing capability, enhanced search features, auto-tagging, workflow state retrievals, and a set of group management tools to facilitate communications among members of eXtension communities.

While participants at the eXtension CoP Workshop in Louisville were provided time on June 30 to gain some hands-on experience with the new system, future opportunities to learn how it works are being provided through web conferences. These conferences are currently scheduled for 10:00 a.m. CT on July 12 and 26, August 9 and 23, and September 9. Please see learn.extension.org for details. Questions about using create.extension.org may be addressed to drupal-implementation@lists.extension.org.