Michigan State, Missouri Honored as Outstanding Institutional Teams

eXtension honored the Institutional Teams at Michigan State University and the University of Missouri for outstanding work in advocating for and integrating eXtension into their respective institutions. The Be Grow Create awards were presented for the first time ever at the 2011 National CoP Workshop in Louisville, KY June 29.

Outstanding teams are recognized for planning, creativity, organized activities, web conference attendance, director interaction, and institutional engagement.

Michigan State University

eXtension Governing Committee Chair Jimmy Henning presents an Outstanding Institutional Team award to Liz Wells (left) and Lela Vandenberg (right) Institutional Team members representing Michigan State University.

Michigan State University Institutional Team:

Michelle Rodgers
Liz Wells
Chris Skelly
Kathe Hale
Ruth Borger
Erica Ciupak
Wayne Beyea
Lela Vandenberg

The commitment of this eXtension Institutional team really began in St. Louis in October 2009. They saw an opportunity, grabbed it and ran with it and with little hesitation. Today, they have increased ID holder numbers…and have a growing cadre of Ask an Expert widgets in place system wide. At the heart of this work is an amazing training effort that teaches educators the basics of Ask an Expert in an engaging and dynamic way. Planning is critical, evaluation of their work is essential, and as a group they have shown MSU Extension to view adoption of eXtension as an opportunity rather than a burden. Today the MSU Institutional Team is recognized for being outstanding in leadership, creativity, and promoting eXtension.

According to one of their supporters: “We created the I-team to help with a narrow charge-–help us figure out the value of eXtension for MSUE–-and ended up with a set of outcomes that were transformational for our entire organization, covering the breadth of technology. For that, I consider them an excellent example of what is expected from a team deserving of the Be Grow Create Outstanding Institutional Team award.”

University of Missouri

eXtension Governing Committee Chair Jimmy Henning presents an Outstanding Institutional Team award to Institutional Team members Meridith Berry (left), Julie Middleton (near right) and Sharon Gulick (far right) representing the University of Missouri.

University of Missouri Institutional Team:

Share Bane
Meridith Berry
Gordon Carriker
Sharon Gulick
Sarah Hultine
George Laur
Julie Middleton
John Myers
Michael Ravenscraft
Ray Walden
Crystal Weber
Sandy Stegall

The University of Missouri Institutional Team has at its heart a solid plan to engage, enrich, and promote eXtension. Every member has an assignment he or she willingly accepts and reports on. They participate locally and nationally in Institutional Team meetings; report regularly to their administration and have established a set of standards documenting the scholarship of eXtension for the University of Missouri. Growth in eXtension IDs is great…but what is even more important is that this team has increased active participation in other aspects of eXtension, including CoP leadership and membership and Ask an Expert. They are all about engagement.

To quote their nominator: “The Missouri Institutional Team has excelled at planning strategies, creative activities and approaches. They have organized activities to successfully promote eXtension resulting in an engaged faculty and staff. We are pleased that the Team is actively engaged in learning and sharing to support eXtension goals and outcomes.”

This team is hard working, dedicated and in a word–outstanding.