JCEP Excellence in Teamwork Award to HorseQuest

The Joint Council of Extension Professionals has honored eXtension’s HorseQuest community of practice with its Excellence in Teamwork award. This honor, awarded annually, encourages and recognizes successful Extension team programs or projects that demonstrate effective performance and significant result impacts at community, area, state or multi-state levels.

Team members recognized and supporting the nomination included: Betsy Greene, University of Vermont; Kathy Anderson, University of Nebraska; Krishona Martinson, University of Minnesota; Christine Skelly, Michigan State University; Karen Waite, Michigan State University; and Elaine Bailey, University of Maryland.

The nomination noted: “The eXtension HorseQuest leadership team was instrumental in developing and sustaining both web content and the team of national experts, resulting in an innovative, educational resource. The website (www.extension.org/horses) provides a variety of methods and learning opportunities related to health, care, management, and training of horses. Website resources include: interactive learning lessons, webinars, frequently asked questions, basic information, and “Ask the Expert”. Through self guided learning lessons, horse enthusiasts can move at their desired pace, or, research the topics through the “best of the best” articles available on the site. Content is delivered through text, photos, videos, podcasts, flash applications, and interactive chats. The HorseQuest community of practice has led the way in providing unique educational opportunities to reach their clientele.”