eXtension Critical Success Factors/Metrics Task Force Named

To appropriately characterize, document, and communicate the value of eXtension as a resource to the Cooperative Extension System (CES), a set of Critical Success Factors (CSF) and metrics will be identified, reviewed and discussed by the Cooperative Extension System and reported on a regular basis. A CSF/Metrics Task Force has been named, including director/administrator members from the five regions, an eXtension Governing Committee member, and a representative from NIFA. The task force will meet this week. Task force members include: Paul Bonaparte-Krogh (N.H.-Northeast Region), Ed Smith (Texas-Southern Region), Louis Swanson (Colo.-Western Region), Richard Klemme (Wis.-North Central Region), Gregory Reed (Ala.-1890 Region), Jimmy Henning (Ky.-Governing Committee), Jane Clary (NIFA), Dan Cotton, Kevin Gamble, and Mike Lambur (eXtension Staff).

Once the CSF/Metrics Task Force has reached consensus on a set of CSF/Metrics, all members of the Cooperative Extension System will be invited to view and provide input on them through three national discussion sessions held via Adobe Connect. The sessions will take place in late September and early October. More specific information on the sessions will be forthcoming. We hope that you will able to join us for one of these sessions.

For more information, please contact Mike Lambur (mike.lambur@extension.org).