2011 National eXtension Virtual Conference GREAT Success!!

For three days in October, five outstanding keynote speakers enthralled hundreds of Cooperative Extension staff with their insight into curation, social media, learning and knowledge environments, and virtual worlds. More than 1,525 individuals participated in one or more of the five NeVC presentations and discussion sessions.

Recordings of both the keynote speakers and the discussion sessions following each speaker are available:

Howard Rheingold

Howard Rheingold: “Using Social Media in Learning and Co-learning” Presentation

Discussion with reactors Peg Boyles, Debra Davis, and Sarah Williver; Kevin Gamble, facilitator.

Robin Good

Robin Good: “How to Achieve More Mind Reach while increasing your reputation and creating something of value” Presentation

Discussion with Connie Hancock, Dave King, and Marissa Stone; Terry Meisenbach, facilitator.

Paulette Robinson

Paulette Robinson: “Out of this World: Virtual Worlds in Government” Presentation

Discussion with reactors: Chris Collins, Jeff Fowler, Kyle Kostelecky, Tracy Rutherford; LuAnn Phillips, facilitator.

Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky: “Social Media, Curating, and Convening: Getting Value from Group Interaction” Presentation

Discussion with reactors: Sarah Baughman, Stephen Judd, Jerry Thomas; Mike Lambur, facilitator.

Steven Rosenbaum

Steven Rosenbaum: “Curate The Cloud. How Too Much Information Puts Humans Back In Charge” Presentation

Discussion with reactors: Bob Bertsch, Jeff Hino, Lynette Spicer; Beth Raney, facilitator.

During the conference both the Connect chat channel and the #NeVC2011 Twitter feed were extremely active. Many references, links and books from the speakers and those tweeting and chatting are included in a list found here: https://www.extension.org/2011/10/19/nevc2011-follow-up-links-books-and-more/

Another posting on the metrics for NeVC2011 is also posted on this blog here.