Fall: A busy season for eXtension Virtual 3D

October was the busiest month yet for eXtension’s Morrill regions in Second Life, with many events: a successful Virtual State Fair, spooky “Morrill Manor”, the Animalia Virtualia photo contest, five great speakers at NeVC2011 live, and the University Expo.

The eXtension University Expo brought together fifteen land-grant universities that have Second Life educational activities. The exhibition showcased projects from a wide range of disciplines, attracted an international audience, and formed relationships between colleagues from the participating universities. This month the expo moves to Second Life’s Info Island to participate in the Community Virtual Library University Fair, which will include academic institutions from around the world, from November 16th to the 30th.

As with any social media, the real value of Second Life is about people connecting with people. Frequent live events, staffed by real eXtension educators, is the key to building a vibrant Cooperative Extension learning community in the virtual world. One goal for 2012 is to dramatically increase the number of eXtension’s special events in Second Life, and to do that, we need plenty of help. You are invited to join the eXtension Second Life Developers Community at http://www.extension.org/people/communities/1327, which is open to anyone thinking about “working differently” in social virtual worlds.