Metrics for 2011 National eXtension Virtual Conference

The 2011 National eXtension Virtual Conference (NeVC) was held on October 17-19, 2011 via Adobe Connect. Five sessions were hosted over the three days and included a 45-minute presentation, followed by up to 90 minutes of discussion between a panel of session reactors and participants. The five presenters, all leaders and innovators in their respective fields, were: Howard Rheingold, Robin Good, Paulette Robinson, Clay Shirky, and Steven Rosenbaum.

While we are working on a full evaluation report for the conference that we will post shortly, here are some preliminary highlights:

1,525 individuals participated in one or more of the NeVC presentations and discussion sessions.
• A total of 66 responses were received from NeVC participants to an online evaluation survey of the conference.
• Overall, 58% (37) indicated that the session(s) they attended were extremely useful to them.
• Overall, 74% indicated that the sessions stretched their thinking on topics presented in the conference to a great or very great extent.
• By far the number one answer to key strength of the conference was that the NeVC saved time and travel to participants.

Twitter was used during the conference as a means to ask questions during the discussion sessions and to communicate about the sessions both to other conference participants and those not participating in the conference. It would appear that the traffic on Twitter was very helpful in leveraging and extending the reach of the 2011 NeVC. Here are the Twitter results:
o 171 Twitter users posted tweets during the conference.
o The total number of tweets posted during the conference was 1,416.
o The total number of unique Twitter users that received tweets about the conference using the hashtag #NeVC was 145,285.
o The total number of times tweets about the hashtag #NeVC were received by users (this includes users receiving multiple tweets) was 1,440,729.

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