eXtension Inclusion in Grants and Contracts Grows

Since 2007, eXtension has enjoyed helping a number of teams integrate eXtension into grant applications and/or contract proposals. Most applications have been submitted to various USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) competitive grant programs, e.g., the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI), Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI), Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA), Rural Health and Safety Education, etc.

When eXtension is included, teams choose whether to enhance an existing Community of Practice or establish a new one in a subject matter yet to be represented by eXtension. Most teams choose to enhance existing Communities of Practice, but certainly a number of new Communities of Practice have been established, as well.

In reviewing the list of all known grants and/or contracts that have been submitted with eXtension inclusions, we can report the following:

• 114 NIFA applications have been submitted
• 50 NIFA applications have received awards totaling ~ $120,869,056
• Of the $120,869,056, ~ $13,789,065 (12%) has been directed to CoP programs.
• Communities of Practice have reported being included in $1,418,973 of non-NIFA related grants and/or contracts of which $1,282,364 (90%) is being directed to Community of Practice programs

In total, ~ $122,702,183 of grants and/or contracts with eXtension inclusions have been submitted of which $15,092,865 (12%) is being directed to Community of Practice programming.

The good news is that a growing number of researchers and educators both inside and outside the land-grant system are incorporating Cooperative Extension in their applications and/or proposals, collaboration is in the incline and that eXtension represents an opportunity to help them reach their educational goals. For Cooperative Extension the additional collaboration and funding delivers on the promise behind eXtension, that we will grow our programs by working collaboratively with others.