A New Year’s Greeting!

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2012 is filled with many joys and accomplishments! If this year is like the past year then it will certainly be busy and time will pass quickly.

I know eXtension has much to look forward to as we seek to enrich the educational experience of learners. Our focus will be directed toward:
Enhancing and optimizing Communities of Practice (CoPs),
Facilitating the development of new CoPs intended to address critical subject matter gaps within the CES;
Strengthening and/or establishing new partnerships to leverage our programs; increasing discoverability of Extension expertise by using new technologies and social media; and
Developing a 21st Century workforce effective at working with people in the formats and venues of their choosing.

I’ve always thought it important to have one foot in the present with the other pulling toward the future with a gait that is both swift and flexible. I invite you to join us on this “run” because I know that by working together we can make 2012 a truly remarkable year!

Dan Cotton, eXtension Director