Military Families Learning Network Jumps into 2012

The eXtension Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) is off to a busy start for the New Year. Two webinars offered this year have reached 240 people from Extension offices, land grant universities and military bases around the world. Look for additional webinars in the areas of Child Care, Family Development, Network Literacy and Personal Finance in the coming months. We invite all Extension professionals and especially those serving military families to join us!

The Military Families Learning Network has made great strides connecting Extension faculty and educators with military service professionals since its launch in April, 2011. The year-end report documents the efforts of the MFLN and its communities of practice, highlights include:
• a membership of 184 people
583 Facebook Fans with a secondary reach of 148,867 people across the learning network
320 Twitter followers with a year end amplification rate of 50% (ratio of retweets/tweet)
• Identification and mapping of 239 Cooperative Extension programs nationwide serving military families.