Events at eXtension: Learn and

eXtension currently offers two different options to list and promote events. There’s the calendar listings on and listings in Learn.

Events posted to the calendar are simply listings. They may include online events or events with a physical location such as conferences, field days, meetups, clinics or workshops. Events with a physical location may be local, regional or national in scope.

Events posted to Learn are more than just listings. It’s a place for discussion, to make connections with other participants and to watch the recording. For this reason, Learn listings are limited to online events that allow audience participation and are scheduled for a specific time.

Some online events could be posted on both sites. If this is the case, we don’t want the postings to be interpreted as “duplicate content” by Google and other search engines. Duplicate content hurts the reputation of both sites.

To avoid this problem, we’ve added a new “Learn ID” field to the “Create a new event” form on site. If the event is also listed in Learn, just type in the ID number (e.g. the “405” in and we will indicate to search engines that the Learn listing is the primary, original content and that site listing is a variation of that content.

We want to encourage everyone to use Learn to post online events and take advantage of the discussion and participation tools on that site. But remember to avoid the content duplication issue if the event is also added to the public site.