Learn Has Gone Public and Other New Features

The eXtension Learn app is now open to the public with new sign-in options using social network services. You don’t have to have an eXtension ID to be able to participate in Learn discussions; you can sign in with your Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts.

What does this mean for you?

Broader Audience. Invite your Community of Interest to participate in your sessions. Share events in your social media networks without worrying about excluding people who don’t have eXtension IDs. Invite comments and conversation from your participants and encourage them to participate in sensemaking around the topic.

Privacy and Sharing. Because Learn is open to the public now, we’ve introduced new privacy settings (sign-in required.) You can choose what type of activity you want to share on your Learning Portfolio, which is viewable to all signed-in users. But we’ve also added an option to make your Learning Portfolio completely public, so you can share with the world.

Other new features

  • Behind the scenes details. Each Learn event has a new interactions page where you can see all the activity that’s occurred, such who attended, bookmarked, commented, etc. When you are signed in, look for the link under “Connections.”
  • Expanded activity views. Get a detailed list of all your interactions (sign-in required) in Learn.
  • Expire old events. There’s a new option (on the edit event page) to indicate that an event is out of date or that there are technical problems with the recording.
  • Cancel events. There’s a new option (on the edit event page) to cancel an event.

We’re excited about these new features and look forward to opening Learn up to a wider audience.