eXtension HorseQuest & University of Minnesota Partner on USDA Equine Genomics Grant

In cooperation with eXtension HorseQuest, the University of Minnesota will offer three self-paced online learning lessons as a part of the Equine Genomics (Metabolic Syndrome & Shivers) Grant from USDA. Each learning lesson will consist of short chapters which horse owners, professionals, and veterinarians can view at their leisure. Each learning lesson will be developed to take the average user approximately 30 – 60 minutes to complete. The online learning lessons will be offered to horse owners and professionals at no charge. Links to the online resources will be posted and advertised on participating websites. Each lesson is being executed and published using the eXtension Moodle courseware following content review by HorseQuest experts. As of February of 2012 all three courses have been executed and made available to the public through eXtension.

For more information contact Krishona Martinson, University of Minnesota HorseQuest member at krishona@umn.edu.