Learn is Now For Everyone

eXtension’s Learn (http://learn.extension.org) framework is now the go-to-place for any webinars being offered across the entire Cooperative Extension System.

Using the unique URL for the event provides an easy way to publicize all webinars for the public. The public can now easily sign in to Learn using social media accounts Twitter, Facebook, or Google. Learn is the place to engage with learners before, during, and after your event using the comments area and sensemaking questions.

If you are offering webinars for the public, make them more discoverable by listing them in Learn. Together, we can make offerings from across the Cooperative Extension system far more discoverable on the Web and provide a consistent format for engaging the learning public.

For more information on the new capabilities see Learn Has Gone Public and Other New Features and Events at eXtension: Learn and www.extension.org.