April 2012 and beyond…Extension Learning Opportunities

The next few months bring a variety of professional development for Extension and others. Everyone is welcome to participate in sessions of interest to them. A few highlights are included here. See the full listing of online events at Learn (learn.extension.org) and plan to attend.

Use each session’s unique URL in Learn to share with others who may be interested. Sign-in with your eXtensionID to follow a session. Update your notification settings to get reminders.

Offering web-based learning? Click “Create a new event” to list it at Learn so others may share and participate.

Upcoming Highlights:

e-Agriculture for Improved Livelihoods and Food Security: Assessing the Requirements for Electronically Linking Farmers with Markets, April 10, 2012

RSS feeds and feed readers, April 11, 2012 EDT

Natural spaces: A place for positive youth development, April 18, 2012 EDT

Finding and following on online networks, April 18, 2012 EDT

Findings of the Extension Social Media Study, May 16, 2012 EDT

Social Networking: Boundaries and Professionalism, May 17, 2012 EDT


The Challenge of Feeding 9 Billion People: Implications for Cooperative Extension. Held on April 3, 2012. Recordings available

Creating your own Learning Network. Held on April 4, 2012. Recording available

Questions and Comments, contact Beth Raney at bnr1@extension.org.