eXtension Welcomes Community Nutrition Education Community of Practice

Photo courtesy Edwin Remsberg

Community Nutrition Education is eXtension’s newest Community of Practice. The goals of this Community of Practice are to provide feedback to specific questions and insights on state/regional concerns and opportunities; to share information with colleagues in each region; and to help improve regional/multi-state communication and capacity.

The community will specifically:
• Serve as a communication conduit for professionals administering and conducting SNAP-Ed through the Land-grant University/Cooperative Extension System.
• Provide a repository of key documents pertaining to the history and legislation of SNAP-Ed essential to its implementation.
• Contribute to the development and sharing of curricula, evaluation, and other resources and tools.
• Conduct trainings and webinars to strengthen the consistency and quality of programming across the Land-grant University/Cooperative Extension System and address broad scale concerns.
• Facilitate sharing opportunities and the completion of projects for SNAP-Ed within and across the Land-grant University System.

The primary leader for this Community of Practice is Laryessa Worthington, University of Maryland. For more information contact Laryessa at lengland@umd.edu.