eXtension Explores International Partnerships

eXtension is partnering on several international related projects. Goals of this exploration include extending the reach of eXtension, adding value to the domestic program, and assisting partners interested in eXtension programming.

eXtension, the Center for International USDA-NIFA, and INTSORMIL [International Sorghum and Millet Collaborative Research Support Program- Cooperative Research Support Program (CRSP)] recently partnered on a project in Mali, West Africa focusing on the electronic delivery of information and educational programs to local sorghum and millet producers. Kevin Gamble traveled to Mali in February to conduct a needs assessment involving local producers, government information providers, Extension workers, NGOs, telecommunication companies, and others with a stake/responsibility in the delivery of programs. A needs assessment has been completed and when the political unrest in Mali abates, next steps will be considered. Meanwhile, project focus has shifted to INTSORMIL projects in northern Ghana, a Feed-the-Future area. Plans include conducting a needs assessment later this summer.

The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is interested in building a national e-Extension system. Dan Cotton was invited by the University’s Extension program to travel to Ukraine in May to discuss the eXtension model and how it could serve as a model for Ukraine. eXtension is going to assist the Ukraine work team in the development of a business case, which can be used to help identify funding needed for the project to move forward. It is important to note the University’s interest in the U.S. land-grant university based Cooperative Extension System and eXtension.

For more information on these projects contact Dan Cotton at dcotton@extension.org.