‘Working Differently in Extension’ Features New Hampshire’s Stephen Judd

After Stephen Judd (above, right) ran a Google+ immersive training in New Hampshire, staff there has adopted Google+ hangouts for meetings and collaboration. Nearly half of University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension’s employees are using Google+ now. Seth Wilner, a county-based agriculture educator, used a Google+ hangout from a greenhouse in his county to get the assistance of a horticulture specialist on campus to diagnose a problem a grower was having. The diagnosis of iron deficiency, later confirmed, was quickly remediated with a foliar spray so the plants could be sold that weekend.

Here’s what the Extension agent had to say: “We spoke face to face with three growers via a hangout. Each contributed information about the problem. We then spoke with another via phone. In the end we diagnosed and improved for sale 24 hanging baskets each selling at $25 for a total of $625.”

Stephen is chair of the eXtension Network Literacy Community of Practice. He is Manager of Information Technology and Distance Education at University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. His eXtension Learn presentations are at http://learn.extension.org/learners/3160/presented_history.

Hangouts are a prominent feature of Google+. Hangouts let you video chat with up to 9 connections, face-to-face. So that’s 9 people … or more if you have several people at one connected location. Hangouts are difficult to demonstrate in webinars. Judd says a good place to learn more about hangouts is at the official Google help page – http://support.google.com/plus/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1215273.