eXtension’s Critical Success Factors/Metrics #6

In this, and subsequent, eXtension UPDATE articles, we will be focusing on each of the nine Critical Success Factors/Metrics developed in late 2011. While there are some metrics on which we will not be able to report at this time, we will fill these gaps in 2012 as we move forward. Note that in some cases, data will reflect periods prior to 2011.

Critical Success Factor 6: eXtension facilitates and enhances professional development through the Learn framework (learn.extension.org).

Metrics: Number of Learn professional development sessions conducted and the number of individuals participating in them, evaluation results from Learn professional development participants.

Explanation: This Critical Success Factor/Metric focuses on the tremendous added value that eXtension brings to the Cooperative Extension System in this area of professional development for both internal and external audiences.

Metrics data: Data collected on the number of Learn professional development sessions and the number of individuals participating in them are presented. Evaluation results will be collected in 2012.

In 2011, there were 261 professional development sessions conducted through Learn and other venues. Based on direct counts and some estimations, the total number of participants was 4,149. In addition, 64 archived webinars were viewed 3,779 times. The length of the sessions ranged from 30 to 540 minutes; the most frequent length for 135 of the webinars was 60 minutes.

While evaluation results will be collected in 2012, a number of comments on the value of the webinars have been captured from external participants and include:

I just want to thank you for the FABULOUS webinars! What an amazing resource. I hate to miss any of them. To have this great resource created by Extension is phenomenal. The webinar technology is working GREAT and the research information is invaluable.

They are a terrific way to learn. I don’t have to take time off the farm to travel. RIght after the webinar on pastures, I was inspired to head back out and make some changes to my grazing system. Thanks for inspiring and informing me!

Thank you very much for providing this great service. As a busy farmer, I find it very difficult to attend on farm trainings. Webinars are great because it allows the experts to come to me.

As a soon to be first time horse owner, I found this entire webcast to be very informative and very much worth my time.

I would and am recommending this site to other horse owners who are dealing with various health issues with their horses. These webcasts provide very valuable information and to be able to access them again through the archives is great. Thank you for offering these presentations.