Look Out Facebook – Here Comes Financial Security for All!

While Facebook is nothing new, it certainly has become a medium for creatively getting out factual and reliable information, so the team of experts creating content at Financial Security for All (FSA) are undertaking a full-on revamp of the original Facebook page they set up, but has mainly used it, until now, simply to re-tweet. The entire leadership team is designated as co-managers, so all the very best cutting edge facts, links, and provocative articles on personal money management from across the globe are likely to show up! A single post of an article that appeared on MSNBC resulted in 9 new “Likes” and increase from 31 people reached to 264 people reached on the page the week of June 11 – June 16.

The Financial Security for All Community of Practice at eXtension.org was one of the first communities created and has long since been pioneering and innovating electronic engagement with the public. FSA, for example, first mentioned in a leadership conference call: “Gee, it would be nice if we could receive questions directly from visitors to eXtension.org and respond in almost real time.” Soon the experiment with the Ask An Expert feature began and has evolved into two-way highly individualized responses to inquiries. The 2009 Outstanding Community of Practice award winner was also the first to concentrate on sending out smart money messages in tweets to its followers.

In the one month trial period (June 14 – July 11, 2012) of increasing the number and diversity of posts and encouraging “likes” to moneyeXtension on Facebook experienced a 300% increase in LIKES; 76% are female, 22% are male, 62% are ages 35 – 64. Reach was 31 people weekly at the beginning of the trial and today 1,085 people this week have seen moneyeXtension content. Zero people created a story about moneyeXtension on Facebook at the beginning of the period and each day since the trial period began between 7 and 22 people have created a story about the page. Friends of fans at the moment (the potential audience for each post) are at 31,586.

Please like and recommend to others moneyExtension Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/moneyeXtension, to bring university research findings to your own news stream, providing practical education you can use and share.