eXtension and Mobile Apps

The 2011 – 2014 eXtension Strategic Roadmap includes a recommendation on mobile format: eXtension is available in a mobile format; however, we will continue to enhance our presentation on mobile devices. Learning networks will show interest in developing mobile apps; therefore, eXtension will establish a national dialog to develop effective strategies and guidelines for the system.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project finds nearly two-thirds of Americans connect to the Web via a smartphone, tablet computer, or an on-the-go laptop computer. The boom in mobile connectivity has been accompanied by a boom in targeted software applications (apps).

Pew Internet asked experts for perspectives on the future of apps and the web
Information mobility and accessibility is being monetized. “The corporate push is to close off the Web and rely upon apps, as they are easier to control and turn into commodities for sale,” said Jesse Drew, an associate professor of technocultural studies at the University of California-Davis.

Jeff Jarvis, blogger and City University of New York professor: “The browser—or its future equivalent—will continue to have key advantages over apps. They are connected to the entire Net, they offer full interoperability, and they give the user more power than the developer or publisher. Yes, publishers have dreamed that apps would return to them the control of content, experience, business model, and pricing that the Net took from them, but they are merely deluding themselves. The value is not in their control of content but in the ability to become platforms for users to do what they want to do.”

Join the eXtension national dialogue:
September 13 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time: Critical Conversation: The Mobile Quandry
Sign up to follow the event at http://learn.extension.org/events/598 .

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