eXtension’s Critical Success Factors/Metrics #7

In this, and subsequent, eXtension UPDATE articles, we are focusing on each of the nine Critical Success Factors/Metrics developed in late 2011. While there are some metrics on which we will not be able to report at this time, we will fill these gaps in 2012 as we move forward. Note that in some cases, data will reflect periods prior to 2011.

Critical Success Factor 7: eXtension facilitates and enhances professional development and user education through Moodle (campus.extension.org), a shared common platform for delivery of online courses.

Metrics: Total number of guests and registered users, number of course completion certificates granted reported by Community of Practice, number faculty developers creating/delivering courses through Moodle, number of courses available and under development, evaluation results from Moodle course participants.

Explanation: This Critical Success Factor/Metric focuses on the tremendous added value that eXtension brings to the Cooperative Extension System in this area of professional development for internal and external users.

Metrics data: Moodle data is reported. Additional Moodle data and evaluation results will be collected in 2012.

In 2011, the total number of courses available and under development was 445. Registered users numbered 12,490. There were 4,798 certificates of course completions granted. There were 340 faculty developers creating/delivering courses from 40 different institutions.