Learning Opportunities in September and Beyond

Many learning opportunities are available for your professional development or of interest to your clients. Everyone is welcome to participate in these sessions. See the full listing of online events at Learn (learn.extension.org), Follow, and plan to attend. Share links so that others can learn with you. Additional sessions may be added, so check back for new ones.

Use each session’s unique URL in Learn to share with others. For example, https://learn.extension.org/events/598 is the link for the session on “Critical Conversation: The Mobile Quandry.” Sign-in with your eXtensionID to follow a session. Anyone else can sign-in with a Facebook, Google or Twitter account. Update your settings notifications to get a text message reminder.

If you are offering or know of web-based learning events, click “Create a new event” to list it at Learn so others may share and participate.

Two sessions that already have many Followers are “Online privacy and security tune-up,” on September 18, offered by the Military Families Network Literacy CoP and also “Critical Conversation: The Mobile Quandry” on September 13, led by Kevin Gamble, eXtension.

Upcoming Sessions by general topics
Go to Learn.extension.org to read the description and to Follow an event you’re interested in:

4-H Guiding Principles (Series of 7)
9/13/2012, #1: Youth Develop Positive Relationships with Adults/Peers
9/24/2012, #2: Youth are Physically and Emotionally Safe
10/4/2012, #3: Youth are Actively Engaged in their Own Development
10/15/2012, #4: Youth are Participants in the Learning Process
11/1/2012, #5: Youth Develop Skills for Success
11/12/2012, #6: Youth Recognize, Appreciate, and Understand Multiculturalism
12/6/2012, #7: Youth Grow and Contribute as Active Citizens

Adobe Acrobat Forms
10/3/2012, Adobe Acrobat Forms 2: Distributing the Form
11/14/2012, Adobe Acrobat Forms 3: Collecting the Data

Ag Law
9/11/2012, Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers Claim Process

9/28/2012, Bioenergy Fridays Series – 2012

9/10/2012, Hoard’s Dairyman Webinar Series: Take your management to a higher level
10/8/2012, Can I Really Prevent My Cows From Becoming Lame?
11/19/2012, Diagnosing Problems in Nutrition Programs Through Records
12/7/2012, Feeding Systems for Group-Housed Dairy Calves

9/13/2012, Retail Layout and Design for Horticultural Businesses
9/21/2012, Top FAQs about Produce Wash Water Management for Small-Scale and Direct Market Farms
10/11/2012, Establishing a Microenterprise Lending Program
11/8/2012, Using Social Networks to Build Local Economies

eXtension Critical Conversations
9/13/2012, Critical Conversation: The Mobile Quandry
10/11/2012, Critical Conversation: BYOD – Smart phones and tablets in the workplace
11/8/2012, Critical Conversation: Cultivating a workforce of knowledge workers

eXtension Institutional Teams
10/2/2012, Institutional Team Web Conference – October 2012 (CANCELLED)
11/6/2012, Institutional Team Web Conference – November 2012
12/3/2012, Institutional Team Web Conference – December 2012

eXtension Learn
9/12/2012, Q&A about Learn.extension.org – Participating in an event
10/17/2012, eXtension Resources for Extension Professionals

eXtension Question Wranglers’ Meetups
9/25/2012, Question Wranglers’ Meetup – September 2012
10/23/2012, Question Wranglers’ Meetup – October 2012
11/27/2012, Question Wranglers’ Meetup – November 2012
12/18/2012, Question Wranglers’ Meetup – December 2012

Families Food Fitness
9/12/2012, Eat Healthy — Be Active Community Workshops Webinar: Making the Workshop Series a Hit in Your Community
9/18/2012, Dietary Guidelines Alliance Webinar
11/8/2012, Healthy Portions for Preschoolers

Feral Hogs
9/18/2012, The History and Biology of Feral Hogs in the United States
10/23/2012, Control Techniques and Managing Feral Hog Populations
11/20/2012, Feral Hog Disease Issues

9/25/2012, Digestive Anatomy: Why We Feed Horses the Way We Do

Informal Learning 4: Your path to learning – How to find your way alone
9/11/2012, also repeated 9/12/2012 and 9/13/2012

Manure Management
9/21/2012, Webcast on 2013 Waste to Worth: Spreading Science and Solutions Conference

Military Families
9/16/2012, Stress in Young Children from Military Families
9/18/2012, Online privacy and security tune-up
9/25/2012, Basic Money Management

Moodle, Developing Online Learning Through Moodle 2 (Series of 6)
11/27/2012, Session 1
11/29/2012, Session 2
12/4/2012, Session 3
12/6/2012, Session 4
12/11/2012, Session 5
12/13/2012, Session 6

Range Management
9/13/2012, Managing Weeds After Wildfire

Volunteer Management
9/24/2012, Relationship Marketing: Roles for Extension Advisory Leaders

Questions and Comments? Contact Beth Raney at beth.raney@extension.org.