DAIReXNET Taking Off in Viewership to Meet the Needs of the Dairy Industry

This year’s World Dairy Expo, Oct. 2-6 in Madison, Wis., marked the fifth anniversary of freely available dairy cattle information at www.extension.org/dairy+cattle.

“DAIReXNET has seen tremendous increases in its discoverability and the use of its resource materials especially within the past two years. Our base of users continues to grow; many are those who have not visited before. In 2012, we saw our number of visitors increase by 20 percent,” remarked Donna Amaral-Phillips, project team leader for DAIReXNET and Extension professor at the University of Kentucky.

The dairy resources are posted in 12 unique categories such as nutrition, calf and heifer rearing, business and labor management, mastitis and Spanish-language articles. To date, 348 dairy professionals representing 35 universities and allied industries and the top 25 states for milk production have contributed to the dairy site.

As one recent visitor commented, “The specific subject area resources have been helpful when researching answers to questions asked by dairy producers. I can rely on the information being current and research-based.” Another visitor wrote: “Plenty of info and interesting articles. Very good link. Thumbs up to you guys. Awesome job.”

One of the site’s most popular features is its free webinars. In the next year, eXtension dairy experts will host eight webinars for dairy producers and allied industry personnel. See a complete list of the upcoming webinars at www.extension.org/29156.

Recently, a veterinary consultant commented, “Information provided in webinars has been an extremely useful resource in expanding my knowledge base on various issues. The ready availability of this information was a great asset in providing information for my clientele.”