Iowa State Honored with 2012 eXtension Partnership Award

Iowa State University’s Extension & Outreach Technology Web Conferencing Team has won the eXtension Partnership Award.

eXtension Governing Committee Chair Jimmy Henning (l) presents the eXtension Partnership Award to Jeanne Wiebke and Brian Webster of Iowa State

Team members are:

Jeanne Wiebke
Robin Brekke
Lisa Scarbrough
Brian Webster
Bridget Hart

According to nominators: “If you have ever been involved in an Adobe Connect Session, conducted an eXtension webinar, attended an eXtension Virtual Conference, or participated in eXtension Learn sessions, you’ve been touched by this team.

They’ve helped all of us in eXtension and throughout Cooperative Extension as we’ve moved through the world of video conferencing technology with their patience, skill, and expertise.”

The award recognizes truly exceptional service or support to one or more of the eXtension components and/or Communities of Practice.