Network Literacy Honored as Outstanding Community of Practice

The Network Literacy Community of Practice was honored as eXtension’s Outstanding Community of Practice Award winner for 2012.

eXtension Governing Committee Chair Jimmy Henning honors (l to r) Jim Langcuster, Stephen Judd, Anne Adrian, John Dorner, Karen Jeannette, and Bob Bertsch of Network Literacy.

According to nominators: “Network Literacy, under the leadership of Stephen Judd, University of New Hampshire; John Dorner, North Carolina State University; Anne Adrian,eXtension Military Families Learning Network; Bob Bertsch, North Dakota State University; Karen Jeannette, eXtension Content Development; and Jim Langcuster, Auburn University; has truly demonstrated how a Community of Practice should serve its clientele and uphold the eXtension mission. Network Literacy has engaged Cooperative Extension, but more importantly, as a part of the Military Families Learning Network, brought educational resources via webinars and online education to military families and service professionals around the world. Network Literacy is showing the military and Cooperative Extension how to work differently and is creating a revolution…changing how we can change our way of doing business and reach new audiences.”

This award recognizes a Community of Practice’s functions and goals and the coordination and teamwork employed to carry these out.