North Dakota State, Ohio State, and Oregon State Recognized for Outstanding Institutional Teams

North Dakota State University, Ohio State University and Oregon State University were honored with the 2012 Be, Grow, Create Outstanding Institutional Team Awards at the National eXtension Conference in Oklahoma City on October 2.

Jimmy Henning (l), chair, eXtension Governing Committee, honors Bob Bertsch, Debb Pankow, Becky Koch, and Greg McKee from North Dakota State University.

The North Dakota State University Institutional Team includes:

Donna Bernhardt
Bob Bertsch
Lynette Flage
Dan Folske
Linda Hauge
Ken Hellevang
Roxanne Johnson

Dena Kemmet
Becky Koch
Greg McKee
Glenn Muske
John Nowatzki
Debb Pankow
JW Schroeder
Charlie Stoltenow

According to nominators: “This team works diligently to keep North Dakota Extension colleagues in on every way eXtension can help them. They regularly promote Learn sessions, attend the monthly national Institutional Team web conferences, and as a result of their work there are more than 78 North Dakota faculty and staff involved in 40 of the 71 approved Communities of Practice…and in several cases those faculty have leadership roles. North Dakota has a 96 percent rate of answering Ask an Expert questions AND they’re answering nearly twice as many questions from outside North Dakota as those in the state.

eXtension Governing Committee Chair Jimmy Henning (l) recognizes Jerry Thomas, Bev Kelbaugh, and Jamy Seger from Ohio State University.

The Ohio State Institutional Team includes:

Jamie Seger
Mark Light
Linnette Goard
Bev Kelbaugh
Kara Newby
Nadine Fogt
Bonnie Scranton
Ken Kulka
Robert McCall
Brian Raison
Ken Martin
Sharon Seiling
Cindy Bond-Zielinski
Linda Newman
Jerry Thomas

According to nominators: “This team is diverse in its makeup…administration, specialists, agents, support staff all have a say in how the team works. This team has successfully launched Ask an Expert in Ohio. They work hard to plan events in Ohio to help their colleagues understand eXtension and how to work differently using it and other technology tools. Ohio State experts are answering 97 percent of the questions they’re asked and more than 149 Ohio State eXtension members are part of 47 of eXtension’s 71 Communities of Practice. Probably one of this team’s greatest accomplishments is the relationship it has with Ohio State Extension Director Keith Smith. With every communique from eXtension, Dr. Smith turns to his team for reaction and action. It is obvious he respects and values their work!”

Jimmy Henning, eXtension Governing Committee Chair, presents Jeff Hino with Oregon State's Be, Grow, Create Award.

The Oregon State University Institutional Team:

Mark Anderson-Wilk (posthumous)
Steve Dodrill
Jeff Hino
Chris Labelle
Dana Martin
Al Martinez
John McQueen
Alex Stone
Lucas Turpin
Karen Zimmermann

From the nominators: This team has faced some overwhelming odds this year…Team chair Mark Anderson-Wilk died tragically in January and co-chair Steve Dodrill is successfully recuperating from a brain tumor. Despite those challenges, this Oregon State University team has done great things! And, the bottom line at Oregon State: This team gets great press!!! Over the past year, Oregon State Extension has implemented Ask an Expert throughout their state. They’ve done training and people are using the system well…so well that more than 3,000 questions are being asked and answered in Oregon alone…and almost 95 percent of those are questions coming from Oregon! That’s outstanding. A big part of that Ask an Expert popularity is their press…numerous articles statewide that feature Ask an Expert that have brought the public into Cooperative Extension. It’s an outstanding effort by an outstanding team.

The Be, Grow, Create Outstanding Institutional Team Awards recognize teams that demonstrate the planning, creativity, and commitment to making eXtension a “fit” for a state and/or institution as well as helping eXtension know just what that same state and/or institution brings to eXtension.