Data informed decisions turn Communities of Practice into Webinar Promotion Wizards!

Promoting eXtension Community of Practice webinars is an art form that can present challenges to any Community of Practice. The Network Literacy and Child Care Military Family Learning Network (MFLN) Communities of Practice have found success using strong visuals to promote webinars.

In August, Child Care posted an ‘ad’ about the next webinar on its Facebook Page. The ad, shown below, was shared on Facebook 57 times and had 195% virality. As a result of this increased activity, 111 people joined the webinar.

Building on the data from the Child Care Community of Practice, Network Literacy used a visual ‘ad’ on Facebook for its next webinar. With the ‘ad’ and other promotions, the Network Literacy Learning Network had a 55% increase in attendance compared to the previous webinar. The total reach of the Facebook page increased from 79 people to 3,127 people. Using data from the other MFLN Communities of Practice, Network Literacy enhanced its social media and webinar attendance.