eXtension Upgrades ‘Campus’Online Course Site

eXtension’s online course site, campus.extension.org, is scheduled for upgrade to version 2.2 during Thanksgiving week. This version brings several new capabilities that we are excited about implementing. Some of the more significant relate to sharing resources. Course developers–called “teachers” in Moodle–can easily share files with other teachers. Moodle 2 comes with built-in plugins that allow teachers to import from or link to files in Dropbox, Box, Flickr, YouTube, Google Docs, Picasa, Wikimedia and other similar services. And, Moodle 2.2 allows teachers to share courses with teachers at other Moodle sites throughout the world through a “community hub.”

Another powerful feature of Moodle 2.2 allows teachers to establish a specific workflow within a course, with access to some activities being contingent on successful completion of other activities. And, this same feature allows a teacher to indicate specific criteria for what it means to “complete” a course.

Finally, to make the user experience more pleasing, Moodle 2.2 allows users to “dock” different parts of the course view (i.e., get them off the screen), enter comments on various activities, keep track of their progress through courses, and easily use mobile devices to engage in the courses.

For a glimpse, please check out campus.demo.extension.org to see a few courses explaining more about Moodle 2.2. If you have questions, send them to moodlehelp@extension.org.