Healthy Food Choices in Schools is Newest Community of Practice

eXtension welcomes its newest Community of Practice: Healthy Food Choices in Schools. The goal of the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Community of Practice is to provide innovative tools and information based on research in the fields of behavioral economics and consumer psychology to encourage healthier food choices among school-aged children. To accomplish its goal this community will provide educational and/or informational products that will empower school food service directors and staff, school administrators, teachers, after-school program staff, among others, to make changes that encourage children making healthier food selections in school cafeterias, without undermining revenue.

Furthermore, given the role parents and the children themselves have in the food choices they make, the CoP will also identify and develop educational and motivational materials that support and encourage improved nutrition for children at school and, ideally, at home.

The leadership for this Community is provided by Adam Brumberg, Brian Wansink, and Sandra Cuellar-Healey at Cornell University.

eXtension is also pleased to announce that Animal Welfare and Community Nutrition Education are two Communities of Practice that will have a presence on during December 2012. Watch for their content!