Critical Success Factor #1: eXtension provides system-wide expertise to respond to client questions, leveraging Cooperative Extension System subject matter knowledge for institutions

Ask an Expert is a robust application that allows the collective resources of the Cooperative Extension System to respond to questions from users of the eXtension public website regardless of the expertise within a state. Metrics focus on the volume of Ask an Expert questions answered by faculty in states other than their own (filling an expertise gap). Cooperative Extension System users win regardless of state content expertise capabilities.

The total number of questions resolved through Ask an Expert in 2012 was 37,138. This represents a 35% increase in resolved questions over 2011 (27,593) and brings the total number of resolved questions from 2006-2012 to 104,940.

Experts residing outside the state from which the questioned originated answered 12,606 questions (34%). Experts residing in the state from which the question originated answered 24,532 questions (66%).