eXtension’s Winter Safety Game Highlighted by Linden Lab

Response to eXtension’s Winter Safety Game in Second Life® has been outstanding! The new build, launched January 8, was immediately chosen as an Editor’s Pick and featured prominently on Second Life’s log-in screen.

Linden Lab highlighted the game in its Featured News blog on January 11, and a description of the game was picked up on govloop which has a membership of 50,000.

In the first four weeks more than 8,000 people visited the serious game, engaging with eXtension’s content there for anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

A user feedback sample of 100 responders was overwhelmingly positive.

The game:
–Felt immersive 96%
–Held my attention 98%
–Was fun to do 98%
–Learned something new 94%

Ninety-eight percent of responders agreed “eXtension should create more simulations about other disasters, like wildfires.”

The Winter Safety Game is a seasonal installation that will remain available in Second Life until March 20. Access requires registration for a free Second Life account. Instructions and more information can be found on the extension.org website.

eXtension encourages other websites to link to the Winter Safety Game by featuring the Winter Safety Game icon, which is available by contacting eXtension Virtual3d developer, LuAnn Phillips, luann.phillips@eXtension.org