Communities of Practice Launch or Will Launch in Coming Months

Recently Launched Communities of Practice

Marine Aquaculture
Launched their Community during the World Aquaculture meeting in Nashville, TN February 24. The Marine Aquaculture Community of Practice (CoP) facilitates technology transfer and addresses emerging issues facing the marine aquaculture industry by providing unbiased research-based information while serving as an online clearinghouse for the public. Marine aquaculture is diverse in species cultivated, culture techniques utilized, and in its policies and regulations.

The Sheep CoP recently launched at the American Sheep Association meetings in San Antonio, TX in mid-February. The purpose of the Sheep CoP is to transfer knowledge regarding sheep production and products to producers, stakeholders, and consumers.

Animal Welfare
The Animal Welfare Community of Practice strives to provide science-based and peer-reviewed information regarding animal welfare to livestock and poultry personnel and to consumers and the public. Their national effort also allows for expertise to develop new, educational materials and learning opportunities to address current issues and respond to future issues as they arise. Their community will make every effort to remain a reliable, long-standing resource that responds promptly to the questions and concerns of our community of interest.

Community of Practice Launches Coming Soon

Wood Products
The Wood Products CoP will disseminate knowledge on the design, production, management, marketing, and environmental impact of wood products to small and large wood products manufacturers. They are already fielding questions through Ask an Expert.

Community Nutrition Education
The Community Nutrition Education Professional Community of Practice will keep implementers at Land-Grant Institutions informed on the fast-paced and nuanced rules, regulations and complexities of SNAP-Ed; provide a vehicle for mentoring and professional development and function as a collaboration tool to continue to evolve, strengthen, and sustain SNAP-Ed within the LGU system. While serving as a repository of materials the site will also facilitate internal communication within the system as it relates to Community Nutrition Education, especially the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – Education (SNAP-Ed).

Sustainable Marine Fisheries
The Sustainable Marine Fisheries Community includes experts from across the United States including Sea Grant extension personnel, extension workers from non-profit agencies, teaching and research faculty at land grant universities, county agents, that are involved in helping fishing communities achieve ecological and economic sustainability through responsible stewardship and innovative marketing strategies. This Community of Practice will use novel, diverse educational methods to help provide a source of information, tools and products that provide issue-oriented, research-based educational content related to sustainable marine fisheries.